Sunday 13 February 2011

wow - blogtime!

well, it's getting late and the stars are out.

And here I am, setting up this fab, new blog. From here on in, amy aardvark will let you know about the fun she's been having and sharing with you the brilliant stuff that she and friends have been creating.

'amy aardvark applique's...' is a monthly workshop that started in December 2010 amid the crazy snow. The first group came in to learn festive applique: sustained by mince pies, toasted tea cake and fresh coffee and tea. Learning hand-embroidery and applique stitches they created unique designs before being shown how to make their creation into a cushion. Relaxed, fun, educational and not a note of christmas music to cloud the brain. 

Since then, amy aardvark has devised a programme for 2011 to pass on the skills of applique, hand-embroidery, badge-making, cushion making, toy making, lamp shade design and stencilling.

The first 2011 session was the 'amy aardvark voodon't valentine's workshop' held just yesterday, 12th February, Enthusiastic, twitterpated -  the couple who signed up to the session made their own mini-replicas of each other. A voodon’t doll (for those who have forgotten) will enhance the feelings you share – so popping a pin in the doll’s heart will increase the sense of love, whilst poking the doll’s toes will not cripple your intended, but act as a relaxing foot rub!

Come tomorrow, I will post up the pictures from both of these events, but for now, I think it's time to say goodnight...

...Good night, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite xxx

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