Thursday 17 February 2011

the voodon't valentines workshop

On Saturday, t'was the time of year when a twitterpated individual may wish to express their love by the giving of we at amy aardvark thought, "why not make the keeper of your heart their very own voodon’t doll?"

For those not in the know, a voodon’t doll will enhance the feelings you share – so popping a pin in the doll’s heart will increase the sense of love, whilst poking the doll’s toes will not cripple your intended, but act as a relaxing foot rub!

Here at amy aardvark, we found ourselves entertaining a 'twitterpated' couple, who wished to create voodon't doll replicas of each other. The course commenced with tea and cake - the finest accompaniment to learning embroidery stitches. Designing followed, with a pattern shortly created thereafter. Phew - what a morning! 
Fortunately, with the aid of coffee and toasted hot cross buns, the couple lovingly appliquéd and embroidered, embroidered and appliquéd, using the chain, satin stitch, back and blanket stitch, to perfect their mini-thems.

The amy-don't doll had blanket stitch defined boobs and satin stitch was used to create the effect of her hair tucked behind her ear. The Joe-don't doll had a felt, embroidered heart appliquéd onto his tee and a leaf with 'bits' embroidered and attached over his, ahem, bits. Scatter stitch described stubble and Blanket stitch was utilised for eye lashes.

These dolls bore an uncanny likeness to their muses...lets hope that love remains in the air with these two and the voodon't dolls never become voodoo...

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